What is bevipper.com?

bevipper.com is an online service that allows you to register in the most exclusively VIP list of the most known clubs. bevipper.com also offers you the opportunity of booking a VIP table in our clubs to enjoy a good time with your friends.

How bevipper.com works?

Just enter into http://bevipper.com from your smartphone, tablet or PC select a city, select a day and then select your desired club. Once you have chosen a club, bevipper.com will offer you information related to the club and you just need to fill up the form with the number of friends that will assist to the club party, your name and your email (using Facebook accounts). Finally, click on "go party!" button and that's all! In a few seconds you will receive an email with the confirmation to the VIP list.

How to book a VIP table?

bevipper.com offers you the possibility of booking VIP tables from our clubs. Just send us an email to contact@bevipper.com telling us the name of the club, the date, the number of persons and your phone number. As soon as possible we will put contact with you.

Social networks

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Terms of service

Visit the terms of service of bevipper.com here

FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

Does bevipper.com guarantee me the club admission?

bevipper.com will guarantee the access into the club as long as the maximum capacity of the club has not been completed (security reasons), as long as you meet the dress code (some clubs require shirt and dress shoes) and if you get there before the deadline. There are other reasons unrelated to bevipper.com by the security personnel may deny you the access. For example: be drunk or security reasons.

I have registered to a party and I have received the confirmation email. Now what?

Simply go to the club before the deadline and ask at the entrance for the bevipper.com VIP list. Then, you must provide your name and/or email with which you registered and the number of attendants in order to check your record on the VIP list. We recommend you to bring the confirmation email in your smartphone.

What happens if I arrive later than the list deadline?

bevipper.com can not guarantee you the access to the club beyond the deadline announced in the party Web information. We recommend you arriving 30 minutes before the party deadline in order to avoid queues.

What can I wear?

bevipper.com recommends you reading the dress code information for each party in the club Web information. There are clubs that forbid the access if you do not follow a strict dress code. Example: wearing shoes or elegant shirts.

What happens if I have not received the confirmation email?

If you do not receive the confirmation email, bevipper.com recommends you to look at your email Spam inbox. If you still do not receive the email, we recommend you using an alternative email account and adding noreply@bevipper.com to a safe mailing list.

I registered to a party and I received the confirmation email access but staff said that I do not appear in the list. Now what?

This is very strange situation because bevipper.com automatically provides the names of registered people as long as these have been registered before the deadline of the list registration (usually around 10.00pm). Check that you have not been registered over the deadline of the party registration. If you have any problem, please contact contact@bevipper.com and explain us in detail the incidence.